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FREE and fully Untethered iOS 11 Jailbreak!

We have developed the EASIEST way to jailbreak iOS 11! All iDevices running any version of iOS 11! (iOS 11.4.1 now supported)

How this works:

As you know you cannot install cydia on non-jailbroken devices as apple does not allow it,
but you can of course install apps that apple has approved.

We have found a way to inject code containing jailbreak and cydia into apps approved by apple.
So when you install them, the jailbreak and cydia installation will start in the background.

Please note that Apple sometimes patches these jailbreak-injected apps!
So if it doesn't work on the first try, don't panic, simply try again.
We add new jailbreak-injected apps with Cydia all the time, and work hard to remove apps that have been patched.
But sometimes you need to try a few times before it works. We are sorry about this.

The direct link to jailbreak injected apps is currently broken. 
It has been temporarily replaced with a link to a jailbreak appstore.